Selected quotes of Pope Benedict XVI offered daily for prayer and reflection‚€¶.

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By God's grace, for nearly six years, I've had the privilege of posting selections from Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI, each and every day. They have ceased, now, in order to present quotes from His Holiness, Pope Francis, at

The good news: the Archives here, are still active and available, with over 2,100 selections from Pope Benedict's homilies, audiences, encyclicals, addresses, and writings, archived according to subject...a spiritual treasury. It can serve as a resource for priests, for those who share the faith, and for personal prayer and inspiration. Please browse the archives, and share this with others.

It is an honor to present the words of Pope Francis. Don't miss this opportunity to be inspired daily.

In Jesus,
Sr. M. Kathleen Hughes

'I ask you to join me in prayer for his Holiness,
Benedict XVI, a man of great humility and courage.' (Pope Francis)